Friday, March 4, 2011

Little houses, here we come!

OK ladies, I don't know anything about photo copyrights and what not so instead of posting pictures I am just going to give you the links for some great house quilt inspiration.

Here is a flickr gallery with house quilts I like:

Here is one with individual blocks:

Do you like them? I do...and I can't wait to make some next week!

What to bring:

*Kona Snow will be our background color. (It's just barely off-white.) You can pick some up just about anywhere Kona is sold, including Wednesday night at Suppose. If you want to use something else go for it! But if we do a block swap we need to all use the Kona Snow for those.

*scraps! Any little lovely scrap you would like to immortalize will do. This is definitely a no-scrap-left-behind kind of project...if you can get 2 seam allowances out of it, bring it. It's almost certainly not too small.

*sewing machine and accoutrements (anything you need to sew)

*show and tell items

See you on Wednesday!

**Edit: here is a link to some really helpful tips if you want to get a little more comfortable with improvisational piecing. This will really come in handy for your house building!

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