Monday, October 10, 2011

Quilt Guild for Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For Quilt Guild on Wednesday we will be making this pillow:

Pattern created by Jessica Parker inspired by Anthropologie

Things to bring:

Background Fabric 18 1/2 x 18 1/2
Scraps of wool
Sharpie Marker
Fabric Scissors
Regular Scissors
Iron and Small Board
Preffered Iron on Adhesive
18" pillow form (You can get this later, you probably won't finish it in one night)
Matching Embroidery Thread

I am going to be charging $2 for the pattern and that just covers the cost of printing, if you don't want to buy one you can just trace mine. If you want to buy one, please email me so I can try to print enough.
If you plan on using Jo and Kathy's or Jessica's wool stash please bring some to trade.

We will meet in the Suppose workroom at 6:30! See you there!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quilt Guild

Tonight we are meeting at Suppose at 6:30. We will be discussing what we are doing next year and planning sewing events for the summer.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

applique inspiration

Our April meeting is going to be all about applique! Lucky for us, Kathy is quite an expert on the topic. She'll be teaching us several different techniques including: a freezer paper method, needleturn, and the back-basting method. She'll also talk about raw edge & fusible options. While applique is a traditional method, it can be used in modern applications (uh, no pun intended). We gleaned a few photos of some lovely projects to whet your appetite...

Completed Joseph's coat for Charming Mini Swap - or - Starfish in the sand
by Cut to Pieces

Scrappy Applique Pillow - 2
by Susan Weinroth

The Tree Quilt Leaves
by Lisa Alexander

Ornament Mini Quilt - 1
by Twin Fibers

Black bird & hexie pillow
by Where the Orchids Grow

In Kathy's class, we'll be working on practice pieces rather than a particular project and focusing on techniques. But this will help you start planning applique projects and give you the know how to turn your ideas into finished pieces. Here are the details for our upcoming class...

When: Wednesday, April 13, 2011; 6:30pm [note corrected date!]
Where: Suppose classroom, 21 North State Street, Preston, Idaho
What to bring:
  • 3 fabric squares for background, each at least 10" x 10"
  • colored fabric scraps, at least 5, 6" x 6" pieces
  • pins
  • fabric scissors
  • paper scissors
  • Roxanne's Glue-Baste It
  • fabric marking pencil or blue water-erasable pen
  • extra fine black Sharpie pen
  • travel or craft iron
  • personal pressing mat w/ pressing cloth to cover it
  • milliner's or straw needles, size 11 (long & thin)
  • large household needle (for basting)
  • our teacher will provide freezer paper, spray starch, q-tips, kabob sticks, & thread samples.
(no sewing machine needed)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Little houses, here we come!

OK ladies, I don't know anything about photo copyrights and what not so instead of posting pictures I am just going to give you the links for some great house quilt inspiration.

Here is a flickr gallery with house quilts I like:

Here is one with individual blocks:

Do you like them? I do...and I can't wait to make some next week!

What to bring:

*Kona Snow will be our background color. (It's just barely off-white.) You can pick some up just about anywhere Kona is sold, including Wednesday night at Suppose. If you want to use something else go for it! But if we do a block swap we need to all use the Kona Snow for those.

*scraps! Any little lovely scrap you would like to immortalize will do. This is definitely a no-scrap-left-behind kind of project...if you can get 2 seam allowances out of it, bring it. It's almost certainly not too small.

*sewing machine and accoutrements (anything you need to sew)

*show and tell items

See you on Wednesday!

**Edit: here is a link to some really helpful tips if you want to get a little more comfortable with improvisational piecing. This will really come in handy for your house building!

wonky followup

Had a blast at wonky block night. Here's how it turned out...

Adrienne wonky

Lisa wonky

Jess wonky

Corinne wonky

Abby wonky

Jessica wonky

Nita wonky

Joyce wonky

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February show & tell

February was only our second meeting ever, so we all (or most of us) brought show and tell so we could get to know each other, our styles, and the kinds of projects we like to do. Take a look.

Corinne's vintage

Corinne's Gee's Bend-inspired, w/Kaffe Fasset fabrics

Lisa's grandbaby's quilt w/Denyse Schmidt fabrics

Jessica's Anthropologie-inspired yo-yo quilt

Jessica's hexagon w/ Anna Maria Horner fabrics

Adrienne's sunflower batiks

Adrienne's mod
Adrienne's Kaffe

Amazing work ladies! We'll continue to have show & tell each month. Can't wait to see more!

Monday, February 7, 2011

More Wonky Blocks

From Chic Quilt Geek

From Quilt Dad

From Vintage Fern

let's get wonky

Our next meeting is this week and I wanted to give you a little taste of what we'll be doing. I'll be teaching the wonky log cabin block, a freestyle method of piecing without a pattern and without having to cut and match perfect pieces. Some examples of how I've used this method...

wonky hope valley

margaret's quilt

school bus

To see a little more about the orange quilt, check this out.

Join us this Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 6pm in the Suppose classroom.
Here's what you'll need to bring:
  • sewing machine w/ thread, scissors, etc.
  • rotary cutter & cutting ruler (mats will be provided)
  • 5+ fat quarters or a bunch of scraps at least 2" x 6" and bigger
  • travel iron & pressing mat, if possible
I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is Modern Quilting?

This definition is from the actual Modern Quilt Guild
You can visit their website here:

Modern quilting is a new twist on the traditional art of quilting. This may mean something as simple as using a traditional quilt block and updating it in a fresh fun new way. That includes using modern fabrics, modifying the block arrangement or even the scale of the block. The piecing could be improvisational and wonky, or it could be very exact and measured, following a pattern or creating your own. The quilting could be traditional stippling, clean straight lines or a very “free” have fun, quilt as you go style. Fabrics could be upcycled vintage sheets, custom digital printed fabric, a yummy selection from one of the new modern fabric designers, or an old fabric from an ever growing stash.

Modern quilting is sometimes difficult to define because in many ways the definition is as individual as the quilter – changing from quilter to quilter. In addition to reflecting the individual personality and personal style of the quilter it also reflects the current aesthetic of the day.

Modern quilting is also about the attitude and the approach that modern quilters take. It respects the amazing artistry and talent of the tradition of quilting, while allowing the quilter to challenge the “rules”. In fact, if there were one rule in modern quilting it would be that there are no rules.

The concept of modern quilting is not meant to divide or segregate. It is meant to welcome new quilters, of all ages, to the world of quilting in a style that they can relate to. In many ways, modern quilting takes us back to the basics of the early quilters, when women of the day used the colors and styles of their time to express themselves creatively.

Some Ideas to get you started....

I pulled these from a few Modern Quilt Guild blogs (hopefully no one is mad I stole their photos...)
Next time the photos will be from our group!

Our Next Meeting!

Second Meeting: February 9, 2011, 6:00 pm
Where: Suppose Classroom, Preston, ID
What: Jo will be teaching us how to make a wonky block. (I am pretty excited to do this!)
Jo will let us know the supplies that we need to bring later.

Email Jessica Smith at if you have anything you want to post on the blog, or if you want me to add you as a contributor.